The animals in AK all have their unique talents. Some are more unique than others.

Abilities can help your animal become stronger. Listed below are the Abilities and their effects:

Curse: Lowers the animal's defense for 1 turn

Poison: Lowers the animal's attack for 1 turn

Vampire: Allows the user to sap health from an Attack just like Evil Aura

Iron Heart: Negates the Effects of Poison, Curse and Vampire

Summon Wraith: Allows the user to revive with little health and increased power if they fall in battle

Courage: Each time you are hit, you gain a Will Power Level. The Levels increase your overall power (Max 3)

Mikiri: When Hit, you gain a stack of Mikiri. Each stack increases your chance of Dodging an attack (Max 3)

Henge: (Only useable by the Ninja Animals + Some exceptions) Allows you to mimick another animal skill. Can be any randomized attack

Extinct Declaration: For one turn, the values of the second slot become 10 and doubling.

Super Nova: Increases strength and regains health

Armageddon: (Only accessable by Armaggedon Vertus) Regains health if dropped below half. Allows Vertus to use an extra attack after the first.

Kaiser Flash: Boosts both Attack and Defense

Holy Burst: Increases animal skills to Lv. 5

Dark Burst: Decreases enemy animal skills to Lv. 1 

Weak Point Attack: (Only accessable by Mecha Lion Elite) For 1 turn, he will be able to do massive damage with his next attack

Curse of the Nether: (Only accessable by Death Scorch) All attacks deal 9999 damage

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