His father is "Galleon" and his brother is Leo

Apollo, the Liger Cub

Leo has returned from his training journey as a "Master Animal"

Apollo: You're so strong brother! And you look really cool now too!

He is proud of his brother, but he is also eager to improve himself

One day...Apollo spotted 3 shadows racing across the Savannah!

The real heroes of the Animal World (Or so they say)...

The Hippo Brothers Appear!

The Hippo Brothers haven't only been practicing their skills in combat, but they've been doing part-time jobs too

It is said they are helping other animals with their skills...

Apollo: Hello! Um...You seem to be working hard

Hippo Larry: Of course we are! We gonna save money to build "Hippo Topia"!

Apollo: Huh? "Hippo Topia"? What's that?

Hippo Barry: Its a paradise where hippos can live. Its heaven for hippos!

Hippo Harry: We're gonna be strong and become Animal Kaisers! And with our cash reward, we're gonna build "Hippo Topia"!

Hippo Barry: And we're gonna live there with the 3 of us. Its our lifelong dream!

Hippo Larry: Its gonna be hippotastic!!

Apollo looked at them and realized

He realized...that everyone has their own dreams to fight for

Apollo thought about the dreams he had

Apollo: My dream is stronger and stronger! And to fight my brother and win! become the "Animal Kaiser"! I hope that will bring peace to the Animal World!

"To become the Animal Kaiser"...

That was Apollo's dream. Apollo renewed his resolve to keep training so that he may one day fulfill his dream

Apollo: By the way...Is there really a cash reward for becoming the Animal Kaiser? I've never heard of that before...

Hippo Brothers: ...!!

Animal Number: A

Rarity: Bronze

Strength: 6000

Health: 4500

Nickname: The Young King

Scientific Name: Liger

Data: Length: 2.7m Weight: 270kg

Food: Zebras, Impalas, etc.

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: None

Affiliation: Hero

Description: This young liger is Leo's younger brother, and the hero of the new generation!


Guts: Brave Rush

Tech: Liger Sniper

Power: Disc Wilder (Specialty Move)


  • Apollo is the son of the legendary Lion of Light "Galleon" and the younger brother of Leo the Lion Cub
  • Apollo is featured in the first volume of the Animal Kaiser comic
  • Apollo became a Master class animal in Evo.6

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