Ares is the king of the continents that once fought for supremacy. He uses his brute strength to take down foes; anyone who challenges this beast shall not leave the battlefield unscathed

Animal Number: A087


Rarity: Gold

Strength: 8500

Health: 5500

Nickname: The Resurrected Fangs

Scientific Name: Smilodon Populator

Data: Length: 3.5m Weight: 330kg

Food: Oxen, Deer of the Era

Miracle Link: Multi

Ability: Extinct Declaration

Affiliation: Forgotten Warrior

Description: This violent champion of the land carries the name of Ares the Warlord


Guts: Primal Genocide

Tech: Sword Kill Slug

Power: Legendary Death (Specialty Move)


  • The ability "Extinct Declaration" gives Ares the chance of either landing on a doubling or 10
  • Ares has an arrow marking on his forehead

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