• Number:A-15
  • Data:Length 1.8 meters Weight 150 kilos
  • Food:Acorns, Cherries etc. (Omnivore)
  • Nickname:Fierce Warrior of the Moonlight
  • Nickname(English):Wild Samurai
  • Scientific Name:Ursus Thibetanus
  • Location:Japan
  • Strength:3000
  • Health:4500
  • Type:Multi
  • Gut(G) Move:Severe Earthquake . Rock Drop
  • Gut(G) Move(English):Gekishin Iwaotoshi
  • Tech(T) Move:Fight . Mountain Storm
  • Tech(T) Move(English):Zangeki Yamaarashi
  • Power(P) Move(Specialty Move):Moonlight . Steel Flash
  • Power(P) Move(English):Gekko Haganeissen

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