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Atlas is a yellow Woolly Mammoth revived by Scorch. He is the boss of Version 5 known as the Forgotten Warrior. His effect is Extinct Declaration (in the English version, he is different from the one in the Japanese version).


  • Gold Rare (Ultimate Rare in English version)
  • Number:A-096
  • Data:Length 6 meters Weight 9 tons
  • Food:Grass
  • Nickname: The Resurrected Mammoth (Ancient Destroyer in english version)
  • Scientific Name:Mammuthus Primigenius
  • Location:Extinct Four Kings
  • Strength:5,500 (7,000 in English version)
  • Health:8,500 (9,000 in English version)
  • Type:Multi
  • Gut(G) Move:Pangea Fall
  • Tech(T) Move: 100 Mega Stomp
  • Power(P) Move: Ice Blizzard
  • Description: Summoned from the Forbidden Portal, this mammoth should have been extinct for eons.
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