A young shark born in the seas near England. A wild rebel of the sea with overflowing power. He is searching for his older brother Cobalt while wandering the seven seas, and has learned the forbidden technique of the shark kingdom

Animal Number: A008

Rarity: Bronze

Strength: 4500

Health: 6000

Nickname: Young Emperor of the Seas

Scientific Name: Carcharodon Carcharias

Data: Length: 27ft Weight: 4,000lb

Food: Aquatic Mammals, etc.

Miracle Link: Heavy

Ability: None

Affiliation: Hero

Description: This young shark leader is travelling the seven seas to eventually become emperor!


Guts: Coburn Attack

Tech: Tail Beat

Power: Holy Earth (Specialty Move)


  • Blue is Brutus' younger brother
  • Blue and Brutus share the skill "Tail Beat". Brutus had taught this move to Blue when they were younger
  • Blue is one of the five young heroes to become a master animal

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