A young lion by the name of "Celeo" has come to prove himself worthy of becoming the heir to the Animal Kaiser throne! This cub is the son of Master Leo, the Awakened King of Animals. He shares the will and determination of his father, and is just as courageous! With his companion Regulus, the two cubs shall work together towards victory

Animal Number: A153

Rarity: Bronze

Strength: 5500

Health: 5000

Nickname: Young Lion of Light

Scientific Name: Panthera Leo

Data: Length: 1.7m Weight: 120kg

Food: Zebras, Impalas, etc.

Miracle Link: Multi

Ability: None

Affiliation: Hero

Description: He's still only a cub, but he's ready to fight to become the next Animal Kaiser!


Guts: Galaxy Blade (Specialty Move)

Tech: Variant Fang

Power: Disc Sparion


  • After battling each other, Celeo and Regulus became best friends
  • Regulus possesses a similar move to Celeo's Galaxy Blade. In the place of the golden blade is a purple axe. The name of this skill is "Gigantic Axe", it is also his specialty move
  • Master Leo is the father of Celeo
  • Celeo, as well as Regulus, gain the "Raging" title in Evolution 6 (Raging Celeo, Leo Jr, Raging Regulus, Scorch Jr)
  • Celeo is one of the many collectible figures sold in Japan

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