Kaiser Coral was the previous Animal Kaiser. He was also the mentor of Galleon and Scorch. He died sometime in the past due to a disease, but he had been revived as he was concerned for the welfare of his students and to stop the beetle warriors.

  • Ultra Rare
  • Number: A-135
  • Data:length-??? Food-doesn't eat
  • Effect: Ganso Kaiser Flash,poison,curse,
  • Nickname: Legendary Fangs of Beauty
  • Scientific Name: Micrurus Nigrocinctus
  • Strength: 6000
  • Health: 8000
  • Type:speed
  • Gut (Curse) Move: Sengo Geri
  • Tech (poison) Move: Sengo Kamitsuki
  • Power (Special Attack) Move: Zettaisaikyo Mutekibeam

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