The Beetle Warriors have finally entered the Ultimate Battle! Using their hard shells and sharp horns, they bring a new wind to the world of animals!

Animal Number: A128

Rarity: Silver

Strength: 7500

Health: 5000

Nickname: Dark Sword Master

Scientific Name: Prosopocoilus Giraffa Keisukei

Data: Length: 11cm Weight: ?

Food: Tree Honey, Tree Sap

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: None

Location: Indonesia (I.N.A)

Description: The largest stag beetle in the world. Its "Giraffe" nickname refers to its long mandibles


Guts: Excalibur

Tech: Gigantic Bomb (Specialty Move)

Power: Giraffe Cutter


  • The Giraffe Stag Beetle is a member of " The Beetle Warriors"