This White Knight was born in Japan. He has a devoted personality and keeps a diary every day. He keeps notes of all enemies he intends to fight in the future

Animal Number: A073

Rarity: Normal

Strength: 4500

Health: 4500

Nickname: Holy Manta Ray

Scientific Name: Manta Birostria

Data: Length: 23ft Weight: 3,970lb

Food: Plankton, Glenn Fish, etc.

Miracle Link: Multi

Ability: Holy Burst

Affiliation: White Knights

Description: Riding the ocean currents, this greedy ray has come from the Southern Seas to do battle


Guts: Uzushiono Saucer

Tech: Pechanko Press (Specialty Move)

Power: Araumino Ohm


  • The ability "Holy Burst" raises the levels of Guts, Tech and Power to 5. Holy Burst will activate when the animal is low on health

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