A young lowland gorilla from the African Congo, knows for having the highest population of gorillas. He loves sitcoms and is good at imitations and dancing. He is a bright and stylish warrior, and a real mood maker

Animal Number: A054

Rarity: Bronze

Strength: 5500

Health: 5000

Nickname: The Young Warrior

Scientific Name: Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

Data: Length: 1.8m Weight: 200kg

Food: Fruits, Nuts, Insects, etc.

Miracle Link: Multi

Ability: None

Affiliation: Hero

Description: A cheerful, confident fighter who does battle to prove his strength and to impress others


Guts: Atomic Dump

Tech: Ape Muscle (Specialty Move)

Power: Jungle Kick


  • This warrior started fighting because he wanted to become strong and popular with the ladies
  • The pro wrestling move he learned by copying others are surprisingly powerful
  • Jumbo is one of the five young heroes to become a master animal

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