Kaiser Two Horn is the 29th Animal Kaiser and returned from heaven to fight Armageddon Vertus, together with 6 other animals of the past

Animal Number: A181

Rarity: Kaiser Rare

Strength: 8500

Health: 6500

Nickname: The 29th Animal Kaiser

Scientific Name: Monodon Monoceros

Data: Length: ? Weight: ?

Food: Doesn't Eat

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: Courage

Affiliation: Animal Kaisers of the Past

Description: A rare narwhal species with two tusks. He's a man among men, and his spirit knows no limit


Guts: Twin Girandole

Tech: Dual Driver
$(KGrHqN,!lsFGnFVSDKsBRs9g!5h1Q~~60 35

Kaiser Two Horn

Power: Zettaikanzen Finishend (Specialty Move)

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