Konsuke is one of Zangetsu's four young ninja apprentices. With his swift movements and sharp intellect, Konsuke will master the ninja arts and earn his scarf of full mastery in no time!

Animal Number: A137


Rarity: Silver

Strength: 6500

Health: 5500

Nickname: Ninja Red Fox


Scientific Name: Vulpes Vulpes Schrencki

Data: Length: 80cm Weight: 6kg

Food: Noodles

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: Henge

Affiliation: Ninja Beast

Description: This young ace is training at the Ninja Village and can dodge enemies as swift as the wild


Guts: Ninpo Sugatadorino Jutsu

Tech: Higi Roller Henge (Specialty Move)

Power: Inari Pilder


  • The ability "Henge" allows Konsuke to transform into other animals
  • When Konsuke performs the skill "Higi Roller Henge", he will transform into a road roller rather than an animal