Mammoth priest

Mammoth Priest is the 7th Animal Kaiser and returned from heaven to fight Armageddon Vertus, together with 6 other animals of the past.

Animal Number

Rarity: Kaiser Rare

Strength : 7000

Health : 8000

Nickname : The 7th Animal Kaiser

Scientific Name : Mammuthus Primigenius

Data: Length: ? Weight: ? Food: Doesn't Eat

Miracle Link: Heavy

Abilities : Extinct Declaration, Curse

Affiliation : Animal Kaisers of the Past

Description :

This mammoth form the ice age is a "Zen" expert and has helped many people in trouble

Attacks :

Guts : Zettaikanzen Finishend ( Best Attack )

Tech : Hyakuokucho Megastomp

Power : Namuami Blizzard

Trivia :

  • Mammoth Priest is the only member in the animals of the past who has Extinct Declaration.

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