He loves sweets and anything he can eat. He's the youngest of 3 siblings, and sets his hair every morning to go out and fight. Hippo Harry was getting ready to go out, when he was surprised! His hair was wild and untamed. He stood there and stared, and he said to himself "I'm not about looks, my strength comes from within me!" Hippo Larry and Hippo Barry usaw Hippo Harry running thought to themselves dhnd8no Hippo Larry: (Wh...What's with that look!?)

Hippo Barry: (Hippo Harry means business!!)

Hippo Harry, followed by his bewildered brothers says "It feels like someone is moving me! I can't stop!"

Animal Number: A188

Rarity: Normal

Strength: 9000

Health: 5000

Nickname: Awakened Hippo Supermodel

Scientific Name: Hippopotamus Amphibius

Data: Length: 2.7m Weight: 5.3t

Food: Grass, etc.

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: None

Affiliation: Hero

Description: A rigorous diet has turned him into a master class animal!? Or did he just change his hair?


Guts: Master Fang (Specialty Move)

Tech: Koubashiki Behemoth (Master Attack)

Power: Mustard Bomb


  • Once Hippo Harry became a master animal, his miracle link changed from Heavy to Speed

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