Sometimes, a Miracle Card could have a Miracle Effects printed on the bottom of the cards. The stars next to the effect name shows how often the effect will activate. This page lists available Miracle Effects in Animal Kaiser:

Slot Jammer スロットジャマー Hides opponent's Slot
All Big オールビッグ Attack Slot only displays 40 and 50
All Doubling オールダブリング Attack Slot only displays G/T/P to do Doubling
All Miracle オールミラクル Set Slot only displays Miracle
Lucky Event ラッキーイーブン If own Attack Slot is weaker than opponent's, it becomes a draw.
Lucky Break ラッキーブレイク If own Attack Slot is the same as opponent's, it becomes a win instead.
All G オールG Set Slot only displays G
All T オールT Set Slot only displays T
All P オールP Set Slot only displays P
Survivor ゼロサバイバー Revives own animal when fainted
G Guard Gガード Defends against opponent's G Attack
T Guard Tガード Defends against opponent's T Attack
P Guard Pガード Defends against opponent's P Attack
Mystery Miracle なぞミラクル Activates random Miracle Effect in battle