There are ninjas in the East

A few months ago, Siegfried went on a journey with Leo

They were searching for the rumored "Eastern Island Country"

It said that mysterious warriors known as "Ninjas" live there...

-A pair of shuriken dart towards Siegfried-

Siegfried: Ah, thirst for blood!

It's the Ninja Animals!

Konsuke: Stop! Strangers are not allowed past this point! Yip!

Goemon: This shuriken just won't shut up and let you go!

Hanzou: ...You will not pass

Tanumaru: We won't let you gooooo!

Siegfried: Wh...Who are these guys?

Ninja Boss Animal Zangetsu

Zangetsu: Wait a moment, all of you!

Zangetsu: I can see that you're quite a strong warrior. What business do you have with the Ninja Village?

Siegfried explained to Zangetsu that he came to this island for his training

And a few months later...

Siegfried mastered the Arts of the Ninja, Heart of the Ninja and Mikiri!

Zangetsu: You did well, making it through ninja training. Please accept this scarf!

Ninja Trained Siegfried: I am grateful to you, Zangetsu!

Konsuke: A red scarf is proof of full mastery! Yip!

Tanumaru: That's greeeeat!

Zangetsu: Siegfried, are you still planning to return to the Savannah and aim for this rank of "Animal Kaiser"?

Ninja Trained Siegfried: Yes. I want to fight with all the others, and test my own strength

Zangetsu: ...Indeed. That is good

Ninja Apprentices: .....

Zangetsu: Ninjas are born in the shadows, and live in the shadows. We will be watching over you from here. Well then, we shall return to the village. Everyone...Huh? They're gone?!

Zangetsu: I guess they must have gone after Siegfried. Well well, I suppose it can't be helped. I suppose I may join them myself...

The Ninja Animals decided to leave their peaceful island country to join in the battle. What kind of battle will they show us?

Animal Number: A125


Rarity: Ultra Rare

Strength: 9000


Health: 6000

Nickname: Thunder of the Blue Skies

Scientific Name: Panthera Tigris Altaica

Data: Length: 3.0m Weight: 300kg

Food: ? ? ?

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: Mikiri

Affiliation: Hero

Description: Siegfried is back from his ninja training in the Far East, with new and improved skills


Guts: Vortex Dragon (Specialty Move)

Tech: Split Blaster

Power: Lightning Shot


  • The ability "Mikiri" allows Siegfried to have a higher chance of evading an attack. Each time he is hit, one Mikiri stack will be gained (Max. 3)
  • Ninja Trained Siegfried is one of the many collectible figures sold in Japan