A clever and wise animal. The brains of the Dark Force. He wants to use his memory for quiz shows, but he gets nervous in front of cameras, so he doesn't know what to do

Animal Number: A083

Rarity: Bronze

Strength: 4000

Health: 6000

Nickname: Dark Indian Elephant

Scientific Name: Elephas Maximus Bengalensis

Data: Length: 3.5m Weight: 3t

Food: Grass, etc.

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: Dark Burst

Affiliation: Dark Force

Description: Power and intelligence combine in the Dark Force's wisest member. He also makes a mean curry...


Guts: Turban Bomb

Tech: Spicy Shock

Power: Yoga Lancer (Specialty Move)


  • Oorlog has a scar in the shape of stitches on his forehead

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