Card list for Animal Kaiser Version 1. (Philipinnes, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and New Zealand Version)

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Number Card Name Type Rarity
A001 Lion Animal Gold
A002 Great White Shark Animal Gold
A003 Bald Eagle Animal Gold
A004 Polar Bear Animal Silver
A006 Indian cobra Animal Silver
A007 Leo, the Lion Club Animal Bronze
A008 Blue, the Young Shark Animal Bronze
A009 Icarus, the Young Eagle Animal Bronze
A010 Gray Wolf Animal Bronze
A011 Giant Panda Animal Bronze
A012 Nile Crocodile Animal Bronze
A013 Cheetah Animal
A014 Leopard Animal
A015 Black Panther Animal
A016 Snow Leopard Animal
A017 African Wild Dog Animal
A018 Side-stripped Jackal Animal
A019 Asiatic Black Bear Animal
A020 Brown Bear Animal
A021 Indian Gavial Animal
A022 Sawshark Animal
A023 Goblin Shark Animal
A024 Smalltooth Swafish Animal
A025 Peregrine Falcon Animal
A026 Great Horned Owl Animal
A027 Andean Condor Animal
A028 Rattlesnake Animal
A029 Coral Snake Animal
A030 Bengal Tiger Animal Gold
A031 African elephant Animal Silver
A033 Electric Ray Animal
A034 Manta Ray Animal
A035 Golden Eagle Animal
A036 Anaconda Animal
S002 Virtuous Skies Strong Silver
S003 Ocean Power Strong Silver
S004 Victory Power Strong Bronze
S005 Leadership Strong Bronze
S006 Arctic Training Strong Bronze
S008 Unbreakable Spirit Strong
S009 Soul of a King Strong
S011 Burning Spirit Strong
S012 Pure Soul Strong
S014 Strategic Mind Strong
S015 Insatiable Appetite Strong
S016 Forbidden Arts Strong
S017 Shining Blade Strong
S018 Turnaround Blow Strong
S020 Nasty Surprise Strong
S021 Ultimate Power Strong
S022 Early Riser Strong
S023 Furious Charge Strong
S024 Hidden Strength Strong
S026 Wheels of Fate Strong
S028 All out Power Strong
S029 Call of the Wild Strong
S032 Hidden Power Strong Bronze
S033 Times of Miracle Strong
S034 Focus Charge Strong
S035 Lightning Speed Strong
S036 Decisive Strike Strong
M002 Meteor Shower Miracle Silver
M003 Giant Meteor Miracle Bronze
M004 Ice Meteor Miracle Bronze
M005 Lightning Miracle
M006 Great Lightning Miracle
M007 Super Lightning Miracle
M008 Fissure Miracle
M009 Earthquake Miracle
M010 Magma Inferno Miracle
M011 Volcanic Chain Miracle
M012 Giant UFO Miracle
M013 Giant Melon Miracle
M014 Lava Flow Miracle
M015 Crashing Moon Miracle Silver
M019 Alien Egg A Miracle Bronze
M020 Alien Egg B Miracle
M021 Alien Egg C Miracle

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