The "Villain Beasts" (A.K.A The Animal Mafia) are a group of criminals who have learned the "Forbidden Arts". These delinquents use the arts to assist them in their wicked schemes. After committing many crimes, Galleon put an end to it by sending them to the "Animal Prison", located on the farthest ends of the Earth. But one day, these animals decided to make a break for it, and are on the loose once more!



Crime: Shakedowns, etc.

(2-year/6 month sentence)

Straight: After Leo the Young Hero, now I hear that "New Heroes" Celeo and Regulus have appeared, too!! Dammit, it ticks me offfff!!

Straight: I mean, man, only the Lion Clan gets all the attention...Normally, you'd think the idols of the Savannah would be the cute hyena clan!! '

Shuffle: Hahaha, to think that a hyena could be an "Idol"-What a preposterous notion!

Straight: Whaaat?!

Ruthless Agent


Crime: Spying, etc.

(674-year sentence)

Ace: That Leo has apparently finally awakened, attaining the title of "Master Leo"

Straight: Heh! He may be a master or whatever, but if I could just get out of here, then I'd...Smash the Lion Clan to bits!!



Crime: Illegal firearm possession, etc.

(564-year sentence)

Spade: Heh proud, aren't you? Don't you mean YOU'LL be smashed to bits?

Straight: Whaaat?!

Underground Doctor


Crime: Unlicensed Medicine, etc.

(148-year sentence)

[Brutus Appears]

Joker: Oh, a Master Animal? When I was out there in the world, there were still plenty of them around, but...

Don of the Villain Beasts


Crime: Bank Robbery, etc. (893-year sentence)

Joker: Isn't that Blue your kid brother? ...Brutus. You used to be called the hero of the Shark Clan, but now you're just smoldering around in this prison...

Brutus: ...

Ace: It seems that there are now only three: Master Leo, Master Icarus and Master Blue



Crime: Mastering the Forbidden Arts (Life Imprisonment)

Brutus: Blue, you were still so young, I wonder if you even remember this big brother of yours...If you've gotten stronger, I wish we could fight again. Just like we used to.........

Brutus: ...I see, I'll help you then

Joker: Heh heh...looks like its decided. Hey guys! We're goin' back out into the world. Its been a while

Straight: Okay, boss! Yahooooo!!

Joker: We're breakin' out! We're gonna bust outta this place!

Joker: Heh heh, hey "Galleon", Lion of Light, you stuck us all in this place...

Joker: We're gonna make you pay back what you owe us, all you Hero Animals! Hahaaa!!

The villainous animals have finally decided to break out

A new threat awaits the peaceful animals...!!

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