An African Elephant, born in Kenya. Likes to take it easy. He's very kind and powerful. He is the leader of the White Knights, using his giant body to impress his opponents

Animal Number:

Rarity: Gold

Strength: 6000

Health: 7500

Nickname: Holy African Elephant

Scientific Name: Loxodonta Africana

Data: Length: Weight:


Miracle Link: Heavy

Ability: Holy Burst, Holy Change (Shinsei Ohgi)

Affiliation: White Knights

Description: The White Knights' leader has a fierce temper when provoked and boasts unrivaled strength


Guts: Perfect Bowling

Tech: Tera Typhoon

Power: Home-Run King(Specialty Move)


  • Vrede is the leader of the White Knights
  • Vrede is the only animal in the White Knights who is able to go through the "Holy Change". Kaisers of the Past may also go through this change
  • The ability "Holy Burst" raises the levels of Guts, Tech and Power to 5. Holy Burst will activate when the animal is low on health