Zangetsu (Tsukikage in Japanese) is the last remaining Japanese Wolf and the leader of the Ninja Animals.

Animal Number: A-145

Rarity: Ultra



Nickname: Ninja Japanese Wolf

Scientific Name: Canis lupus hodophilax

Data: Length: 1.1 m Weight: 40kg

Food: Sake, Sashimi

Miracle Link: Speed

Ability: Henge, Mikiri

Affilation: Ninja Hero

Description: He used to live in peace, but his meeting with Siegfried has rekindled his fighting spirit


Guts: Katon Honoo Storm

Tech: Shingan Kanameishi (Specialty Move)

Power: Ganjutsu Urushiminomai (Henge)


  • Mikiri is an ability that can let you evade an attack from the Enemy, although requiring you to get hit by an attack to stack. Maximum Mikiri Stacks are 3
  • Henge allows you to mimick any animal attacks. Useful if you get a Passive-based attack (Vampire, Curse, Poison)
  • The only Animals that can use Mikiri are Zangetsu, Siegfried and Elder Pedronomus 

Other media

"We can't let the ancestors fight alone!" - Zangetsu, telling the other animals that he is joining the them.

Zangetsu appeared in the final comic where he and his two ninja animals reform to fight Emperor Vertus.

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